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Intellysis repairs appeal

29/08/2012 19:48:52

We have for some years repaired Intellysis Bankside generator based and Battery back pack electric fishing control units. We are finding that some of the components in these units are now becoming obsolete and we are unable to obtain them, we would like to keep these units in operation as we are sure they are still well used in some areas.

We do have a plan.

The success of the plan will depend on whether there are a number of these units that are no longer working but are not required to be repaired. We would accept these units for environmental disposal at a SR2008No23 Waste electrical and electronic equipment authorised treatment facility (ATF).after the removal of parts that are no longer available but are of use. In return we will send back evidence of correct disposal. We feel that this will solve a problem for any fishery teams with unwanted equipment to dispose of whilst extending the useful life of equipment that is still in use. We will accept any Intellysis Bankside or Backpack units. All you have to do is send us any scrap units we will do the rest and provide evidence of disposal of the remaining parts.

If you can help we would be pleased to hear from you.

We can offer disposal of any waste electronic electrical equipment as a service to our customers but would make a small charge if it is not as above.

We are a weee registered company and undertake to dispose of any equipment responsibly.

Our WEEE registration no. is WEE/EC3271RQ

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