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Maintenance of equipment and Tornado Jets

01/10/2012 10:45:26

One of the things that I am constantly being asked about by users of Easyfisher electric fishing equipment is the maintenance requirements. The Environment Agency insist on a three monthly test on all electric fishing gear, they have long experience of electric fishing and a responsibility for their employee's safety. This contrasts sharply with other users who check their gear annually. It goes without saying that the test is only as good as the instant it is checked. Any test failures must have failed between the last test and the present time, so theoretically the user was using failed equipment. The EA set high standards for the testing of electric fishing equipment so even if their gear goes past a point where it would fail it is still usually safe to use. The highest failure rate is with electric fishing anodes, which do suffer from the rigours of electric fishing. Water ingress into the switches being the main problem in our opinion. One of the things that can be done to reduce the down time from faulty anodes is to only use anodes built to a high standard. We at Easyfisher do not compromise on the quality of the components used in our equipment, our current anode push button switch is used by the MOD for the Tornado jet fighter, believe it or not we are currently trying to improve on that ! Another maintenance tip is to replace the rubber boots on the push button switches on the anodes. By preventing water and dirt getting in the life of the switch is greatly improved. Rubber boots may be found in our shop.

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