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20/11/2012 11:04:01

Probably the most contentious issue with Electric Fishing Equipment is the design of electric fishing anodes. We are constantly looking to improve the comfort for the user to avoid stress on the hand and arms. We are trialling a new push button switch at the time of writing, which requires a lot less pressure to operate. This will take a lot of pressure off the operator's thumb and we believe will go a long way to relieving stress to the hand.

After a request from a customer we are also looking into adding a detachable shoulder strap which will take some of the weight from the arm which will also contribute to comfort.

When we developed the Easyfisher Electric Fishing control unit we asked potential customers for advice on what they considered were the most important requirements in an Electric Fishing unit. The response was very positive and some of the requirements were able to be incorporated into the design which helped make the Easyfisher unit so successful.

The same applies to the anode we are aware that there is some way to go to the perfect anode and that opinions will vary between users, we would value any input that users could give and if possible incorporate these ideas into a design.

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