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The Easyfisher Cathode system

29/08/2012 19:46:29

Easyfisher have taken a whole life approach to cathodes producing the Easyfisher cathode system. The system comprises of the usual cable and plug for connection to the control unit but has eliminated the need for a permanently connected cathode tail. The Easyfisher cathode tails can be changed or replaced by competent persons thus eliminating the need for cathodes to be sent for repair when tails are worn out.The system uses an ecological and sustainable method of attachment which is solder free during construction and during servicing. In fact any combination of Easyfisher tails, rods or plates can be attached making this system an economical alternative to permanently fixed cathode systems. The combination of ease of attachment and the use of non solder fittings reduce the down time of equipment and the need for transportation for repairs. The cathode tails are attached using a 10mm stainless steel captive nylon set screw to a predetermined torque setting. A pre-set torque wrench is available from us and is essential for correct fitting.

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