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Easyfisher Anode survey

12/01/2013 18:54:06

The recent survey that we conducted on the Electric Fishing group on linked in brought up some very interesting points. We thank all who took part in the survey.

There are some that are quite happy with their anode design. But most thought that improvement was long overdue. To that end we have been very busy and have produced some designs that we will be putting into production.

The following points were raised...

  1. The anodes that have to meet the EA specification have by nature a switch that is by any standard most uncomfortable, it does require a lot of pressure to operate, fine if it is used as a momentary push button but keeping it depressed for any length of time is no fun.
  2. The build quality is robust and does add to the overall weight.
  3. The angle of the "monkey grip".
  4. The position of the switch at the top of the grip causes strain on the thumb and hand and puts the wrist at an unnatural angle. It arches up to accommodate the angle of the grip.
  5. The length of the anode should vary with the stature/height of the operator.
  6. The operating digit should not be the thumb.
  7. The fore- arm should be secure on the arm rest.
  8. The anode should/could be supported by a harness.
  9. Will the customer pay for a better anode?

We at Easyfisher have taken serious note of all the comments raised and have been busy trying hard to address all the above points at a price that is acceptable.

We have details of our new designs which will address the above points here .

  1. To address the switch problem we are at this time testing a new switch on an anode currently in use by a fisheries team the early feedback from the operator is very encouraging " It is the best switch that we have had it is so good I would like sleep with it" his words not mine. We are testing it for resistance and continuity soon to see if it stands up to even the EAs rigorous safety standards.This switch will now be used on all Easyfisher anodes regardless of the authority using the anode and will work on all control units. (Specify at time of order. )

  2. To this end we are researching various fibre glass blanks and are meeting with suppliers to find a perfect weight that will be light and robust. There has been a tendency to use greater diameter anode rings for more effective Electric Fishing this has meant that rings have to have a heavier grade of steel to stay circular. We have re-designed the end ring connection and are recommending to our customers that our titanium rings are used. This will go a long way in reducing weight and therefore arm strain.

  3. and 4. Perhaps the most controversial of all points raised on the ergonomics of the anode is how it is held. We have completely redesigned the anode handle so that the switch is operated by the finger and the thumb falls naturally into a small indentation giving a "shake hand" grip. This grip will allow the wrist to rest flat on the anode thus reducing strain on the wrist. The anode will be ambidextrous.

  4. Anodes can be ordered in any length.

  5. The thumb on the switch causes actual pain with some operators ...No apologies for mentioning again that we have moved the switch.

  6. The design of our new prototype will l address this with a redesigned forearm rest and non slip material.

  7. The new Easyfisher Anode will be able to accommodate a harness.

  8. The new Easyfisher Anode will be very competitively priced and will still be excellent value for money and will be a quality product.

After seeing and handling the prototype Easyfisher Anode one of our customers placed an immediate order, so if you are contemplating buying a new set of anodes why not wait a short time and "shake hands" with Easyfisher Anodes" and buy the best available.

Watch this blog for more information on this product.

It is our policy to produce only quality products under the Easyfisher brand.

If you care about fish choose Easyfisher.

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