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Easyfisher and body piercing.

10/02/2013 17:02:23

So what have Easyfisher and Body Piercing in common. Titanium of course. Titanium alloys are used in aircraft (including helicopters), armour plating, naval ships, spacecraft and missiles. Titanium alloys do not fatigue easily, are strong and are resistant to corrosion so they are perfect for use in the above items. Most titanium is converted to titanium oxide. This is the white pigment found in toothpaste, paint, paper and some plastics. Cement and gemstones also contain titanium oxide. Fishing rods and golf clubs are also made stronger through the use of titanium oxide. Heat exchangers in desalination plants (which turn sea water into drinking water) are made from titanium as it is resistant to corrosion in sea water.

Body piercings are generally made out of titanium. Titanium is perfect for this as it is easily coloured and is inert (will not react with other things). Thanks to Want to know it .com

As part of our continuous development we are reacting to the recent anode survey conducted here and on Linked In.

We have commissioned 40 cm titanium alloy anode rings, The anode will also feature a new light touch switch with a redesigned switch mount. Code name RSI buster. Contact us for details and be one of the first to take advantage of the new design.

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