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Natural Resources Wales.

22/02/2013 16:17:53

We are pleased to be chosen by Natural resources Wales to continue to supply Electric fishing equipment and carry out repairs for the fishery teams carrying on with their important ecological survey work .

Natural Resources Wales.

Wales’ natural resources – our air, land, water and wildlife – are critical to our quality of life. They provide food, water, energy, timber and materials for construction, which also provide a wide range of opportunities for our economy. Our natural resources are also the foundation for our stunning Welsh landscapes and coast - the backdrop to our recreational activities and to everyday life in Wales.

Finding a balance

There are, however, increasing pressures – both from environmental factors such as climate change, and from social and economic factors. We need to make sure that we find a balance for people, the economy and the environment to ensure the best outcomes for everyone in Wales. We need to do that in ways which are truly sustainable, so that we do not squander the assets that future generations will depend on.

What is the Welsh Government doing?

As a Government we have been considering how best to take forward the management of natural resources here in Wales. This has been the subject of a previous consultation ‘A Living Wales’, which we have now followed with a green paper ‘Sustaining a Living Wales’. In these papers we have set out our aspiration to manage in more joined up ways, to help us make better and more sustainable decisions.

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