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Easyfisher EFU-1 new developments.

09/05/2014 19:17:04

The Easyfisher Electric Fishing control unit is now firmly established as the Electro Fishing unit of choice for the Environment Agency in England also the Welsh Environmental Protection Agency Natural Resources Wales..The Electro Fishing unIt is also finding favour with rivers trusts and angling clubs alike where stock control by the Easyfisher Electro Fishing unit is one of the safest methods of fish capture.. East Anglian Electrical are rightly proud of the Easyfisher Electric Fishing control unit and the contribution to fish welfare that is only now possible using the Easyfisher EFU-1. Because the EFU-1 Electric Fishing control unit is a pulse unit we have always felt that the current output could be increased when using a pulsed output. In fact we believed that if the unit was set at a 50% pulse rate then the output at certain voltages could be doubled and pro-rata for other pulse settings.

This means that higher currents can be attained when using voltages that would not have been possible before. The only limitations will now be the overall power rating of 1600 watts. This will be most useful in higher conductivity rivers and streams also in larger bodies of water. We have at this time only bench tested the Electric Fishing unit but results are very promising and we have been pleasantly surprised that unit has held up equally as well as before modifications, a testament to the original designer Gerald Pye. East Anglian Electrical have always been very careful not to compromise the quality and the reliability of the Easyfisher EFU-1 Electric Fishing unit and will proceed with extreme caution before any upgrades are released, we are quite pleased with the testing so far.

If you are interested in the test results please contact us we would be pleased to send you our findings via E-Mail. We may also require any interested parties to assist with electrofishing field trials.

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