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Honda Inverter Generators

29/08/2012 19:46:47

Easyfisher have identified the Honda inverter Generator range as suited for most electric fishing applications. We have found that these machines are very reliable and do withstand the rigours that use in the arduous conditions that electric fishing can impose. The machines are based on inverter technology which is very compatible with the Easyfisher electric fishing control unit in fact we do recommend using an inverter generator with our units to ensure faultless operation. The Honda units are very lightweight for their capacity a consideration that is important when assessing risk.Also a consideration when accessing steep river banks. The generators are fuel efficient the EU20i will run on a tank of petrol for over 10 hours at the rated load according to the manufacturers therefore eliminating the need for fuel cans. Easyfisher carry out conversion of these machines for electric fishing use and feature a double pole emergency stop button mounted flush thus limiting accidental damage, internal contactor and blanking panel to cover all apertures remaining after removal of unwanted features,leaving the essential controls and engine management devices accessible to the operator. The generators are converted to the specifications required by the Environment Agency. The units are shipped with all fluids drained and the unit is supplied with a sealed can of Honda oil for filling the sump.No need to worry about running the machine without oil as these units will not start unless there is oil in the sump.

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