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The long awaited Easyfisher anode is here

29/08/2012 19:48:29

After a lot of research and consultation with fishery teams across the UK who use reel type anodes with the Easyfisher electric fishing control unit, we have developed a new anode. The anode features an armrest that can accommodate any length of forearm, something that that is considered very important by a fishery team leader consulted in Wales. The new design grip on our electric fishing anodes has been designed for greater comfort and will present the switch directly beneath the thumb of the operator. The unit is well balanced and will sit at a natural angle when used with most anode rings.

Feed back from users has told us that re-reeling 60 meters of cable onto a small cable drum can be a chore because of the spare tails to the plugs which can hamper reeling so we have introduced a tail storage system to our anode reels. The cable we have left on the plug tails is a generous length and it can be stored inside the reel whilst reeling leaving the reeling handle free from any interference from the plug cable. We have trialled this method and have found it to be a step forward.The cable is easily withdrawn when required to plug into the Easyfisher electric fishing control unit. The cable reels used for our Easyfisher anodes are the industry standard Marcaddy cable reels with non-metallic frames. We recommend non- metallic frames for electric fishing anode reels.

The tapered anode blank is from Hardy composites in the UK and is a high quality glass fibre blank ensuring electrical safety and durability. The anode cable is a high quality five core flexible which is a very similar specification to the cable used on the former Intellysis type anodes.The control wires are tinned and colour coded.The power core is of a heavier grade to deliver the power to the anode ring. We have commissioned a company to make this cable to our specification and we believe that the cable is unequalled in conductivity and outer sheath performance. In fact the resistance of this cable from anode tip to the power plug on a 60 meter reel is less than 1 ohm. Whilst not trying to win any style designs we think that the anode looks the part also in it's striking orange finish.

You can see the anode in the shop.

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