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Marcaddy SP300 empty cable reel

Empty cable reel 300 mm.with insulating polycarbonate frame for isolation from earth. These reels are high quality and are widely used. manufactured by Marcaddy SP 300. We have a small number of these reels at a special price. Reduced from £85.00 to £70.00.


Anode cable

A high specification 5-core cable comprising a 1.5 sq mm central core with four 0.5 sq mm control cables. This cable is the same specification as the cable known as the Intellysis cable excepting we have changed the core numbers to colours making the cores easily identifiable, it is an extremely durable and flexible cable.The low resistance will allow this cable to be within spec even if used for 60 mtr plus anode cables This same cable is used for Easyfisher anodes and has been manufactured exclusively for us.Price is per metre.