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Honda EU10i Electric fishing inverter generator

Honda EU10i Inverter generator The Honda EU 10i is suitable for use where the use of lower current is required the unit delivers 1 Kw and weighs in at 13 Kg. The unit is supplied ready for use with the Easyfisher unit and is suitable for use with a wide range of units. Picture shows 2Kw model.


Honda EU20i Electric fishing inverter generator

The Honda EU20i is the generator of choice for most survey teams it delivers enough power for a wide range of situations. It weighs in at a modest 21 Kg and will run for over 10 hours without the need for refueling.


Honda EU30i Electric fishing inverter generator

For extra power the Honda 3Kw EU30i delivers without the weight penalty of frame generators.The 35 Kg EU30i has wheels and a foldaway handle. This machine is finding it's way into fishery teams contributing to a safer environment where lifting and handling of the heavy steel framed machines causes back injuries. This machine is easily loaded into a vehicle by two persons of almost any stature. POA.